Work at Home Jobs

With workdays becoming more hectic, people are staying home to work. Working at home appeals to many people. For those wanting to find work from home jobs 2013 offers lots of choices. Jobs are available in most states, including work from home jobs in PA. The biggest obstacle is finding legitimate opportunities.

When people are looking for legitimate work from home jobs 2013 is proving to be a great year. Three top industries for legitimate work at home jobs are health care, information technology and creative arts. Health care offers at-home careers for physicians and radiologists, who get paid to work from home evaluating patient’s cases. These jobs pay almost $2,000 per week and offer the opportunity to earn a six-figure salary. Other medical at-home jobs are in “telehealth.” Registered nurses can make $50,000 or more advising patients about health issues over the phone, while transcriptionists can make over $30,000 per year staying home and deciphering doctor’s notes.

Telesales jobs are also popular work from home jobs. People usually earn $9-$10 per hour plus commission. For those with outgoing personalities, good communication skills and patience this can be a great way to spend more time with family while earning a good income. Items sold can include portraits, newspaper subscriptions and much more.

Information technology is seeing companies becoming completely virtual, having no real corporate headquarters and having all employees work from home. Software engineers, programmers and systems analysts all can earn $60,000-$85,000 per year staying at home and dealing with technical issues all day long.

For those who are the creative and artistic type, there are plenty of careers for at-home work as well. Writers, authors and graphic designers can find work with companies as can public relations professionals and college instructors. Some professors who teach exclusively online make six-figure incomes if they teach enough classes. Some career fields such as finance have yet to offer as many at-home work opportunities as do other fields, but jobs are available for financial managers and tax preparers. Each of these jobs can potentially pay $40,000 or more per year.

Work-at-home jobs allow flexibility to care for young and old family members, and also free people from a lifetime of cubicle dwelling. Studies show at-home workers have less stress and increased productivity, so if this sounds good take a look at the many opportunities available.